Roblox ClickDetector Tutorial – How To Script On Roblox For Beginners – Episode 13

Published on December 12, 2019

This Roblox ClickDetector Tutorial in the how to script on Roblox series for beginners will show you how to make a brick which changes the colour of the baseplate in your game. ClickDetectors are really useful to know if you want to make a good game on Roblox because they can take user input, which can contribute to a good user experience. They can be used to trigger any action in your game, so in this video I demonstrate how to use them with a button which changes the colour of the baseplate to a random one. This tutorial is part of the Roblox scripting basics which you must know as you’re bound to use it in one of your games.

I’m AlvinBLOX and I’ve been on Roblox for the past five years, creating games & teaching people how to script. By following my simple tutorials, you’ll have the tools to create your own Roblox game from scratch and begin to start attracting players to it. I get the same question all of the time: “how do I learn scripting on Roblox?”. I decided to create this series to sandwich together all of the important bits of information so you get to know everything about scripting.

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Why learn scripting on Roblox? It’s a good question and it’s one that I’m asked a lot by my viewers. I believe that everyone should learn scripting because in this modern world, we are revolving around technology. It is with us all the time in our daily lives. If we can teach people to learn how to code, this gives them a life skill which they can use in future careers. Jobs are shaping around scripting and programming and you can now make money by knowing a programming language. Even on ROBLOX can you make money now, by using their Developer Exchange system. Why not get started today on your scripting journey, you never know where it may take you!

The Roblox scripting basics that I cover in these series will include functions, events, variables, instancing, positioning and much more, so don’t forget to watch the whole playlist so that you don’t miss any important information! Here’s a handy link to the rest of the videos in this Roblox beginner scripting tutorials playlist:

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Roblox ClickDetector Tutorial - How To Script On Roblox For Beginners - Episode 13
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